Whether it's rocks kicking up and damaging under your vehicle, road salt from the winters around Elgin or you want to add a level of personality and customization to your Subaru Legacy, at Brilliance Subaru, we offer a great selection of Subaru Legacy splash guards in Elgin, IL, allowing you to protect your vehicle and give it the pizzazz it needs to stand out on the road.

Splash Guards of Mud Flaps?

In reality, there is no discernible difference between mud flaps and splash guards, just two different names to describe the same mechanism with the same purpose. However, when investigating the options for splash guards and mud flaps on your Subaru Legacy vehicle, you'll find the genuine Subaru splash guards are another piece added flush with your vehicle, while aftermarket mud flaps are actually strips of rubber that come down to protect the back side of your vehicle. Our genuine Subaru mud flaps are designed for your Subaru Legacy vehicle, not only looking the part as something that belongs on your vehicle while still giving it a fresh appearance, but also working to protect your Legacy vehicle by being designed specifically for the tire size, wheel wells and underside of your vehicle.

Our Subaru Legacy splash guards are designed to protect the underside of your vehicle and your paint finish from damage caused by rocks, snow, ice, sand, and other grime on the road. They effectively stop the different road hazards from reaching other parts of your vehicle by catching the grime as soon as it comes off your tires, keeping your paint fresh and the underside of your vehicle clean.

Order Subaru Legacy Splash Guards Online Today!

If you want to get your splash guards on your Subaru Legacy, we invite you to fill out a parts request form online or schedule a service appointment and we'll get your Legacy vehicle properly protected and outfitted with splash guards in no time!

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