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Constant Velocity Joint Repair Service

Take your Subaru for a thrilling drive. Behind those smooth, slalom turns, exciting acceleration, and vigorous braking are components that never cross your mind - that is until they become a concern. Constant velocity joints, or CV joints, are critical to your Subaru's performance and need to be kept in good repair. Brilliance Subaru, your local dealer in Elgin, IL can keep your Subaru moving strong with constant velocity joint repair services whenever you need it.

How Does a Constant Velocity Joint Work?

Nearly all Subaru models are equipped with Symmetrical AWD as standard equipment. With four drive wheels, your Subaru needs an articulating axle shaft at each wheel. Constant velocity joints on each axle shaft - some with two per shaft - allow power to transfer to the wheel while moving up and down when turning, or both.

Each CV joint is protected by a rubber boot filled with high-performance lubricant, helping to keep the CV joint cool and moving freely. It's possible, though, for the boot to crack, the constant velocity joint to wear, or for water to penetrate and corrode the inner bearings. When that happens, constant velocity joint repair is required. Otherwise, a CV joint could come apart, and you'll be at the mercy of a tow truck.

How CV Joint Repair is Performed

If you need Subaru CV Joint repair service in Elgin, Schaumburg, St. Charles, Bartlett, and surrounding areas, you're in luck. Brilliance Subaru is ready, willing, and able to take care of your Subaru driveline like no one else. A certified technician will accurately diagnose the cause of your issue, whether it's a clicking noise, a leaking CV boot, or otherwise. Using Genuine Subaru parts, your constant velocity joint is repaired to like-new condition.

Subaru Constant Velocity Joint Repair Service; Subaru Service Elgin IL

Why Choose Brilliance Subaru

Of course, Brilliance Subaru has factory-trained technicians and friendly, knowledgeable staff, but there are more reasons to choose our Subaru Service Center for your needs. Our state-of-the-art eco-friendly facility is home to an amazing team who provide low-pressure service. We offer a comfortable customer lounge with free Wi-Fi, refreshments, and HD TV. Let us shuttle you home or to work or choose one of our complimentary new Subaru courtesy cars.

Our customer care is evident in everything we do, including our involvement in the Elgin community. We're proud to be your choice for Subaru maintenance and repairs including constant velocity joint repair service.

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