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Signs of a Coolant Fluid Problem:

  • The coolant fluid needs to be topped off

  • Engine is overheating

  • The coolant is darker than usual

  • Coolant is leaking and pooling under the vehicle

If you have any of the signs of a coolant fluid problem, you will need to schedule your next Subaru coolant fluid exchange service immediately.

Coolant Fluid: What Does it Do?

Coolant fluid is a liquid that circulates through your engine back to the radiator to transfer heat from your engine parts. The problem with coolant fluid is that it will deteriorate over time and needs to be tested to see if it's still good because it can become acidic and lose its rust-inhibiting properties. When this happens, it can cause corrosion to the radiator, water pump, thermostat, and hoses.

But the greatest problem with contaminated coolant fluid is that it can cause your engine to overheat. An engine that is too hot can cause internal damages that require extensive repair services. One of the best ways to protect your engine from overheating is with a Subaru coolant fluid exchange service.

Why Coolant Exchange is Better than Topping Off:

We have had several customers come into the service center over the years with an engine overheating problem that can be tied to their contaminated engine coolant. Most often, we find that the engine is overheating because the contaminated fluid has been getting topped off for a long time. The best way to know that all of your contaminated engine coolant has been removed is with a total exchange service. A total exchange service will use a special protocol to make sure that all of the old coolant is removed from your cooling system. Once all of the old contaminated fluid is removed, new genuine Subaru approved coolant fluid will be put into the reservoir.


Schedule a Subaru Coolant Fluid Exchange Service at Brilliance Subaru:

If you know that your Subaru has been driving around with contaminated coolant fluid, or if you have any of the signs of a coolant fluid problem mentioned above, then we are here to take care of the problem.

Schedule a Subaru coolant fluid exchange service at Brilliance Subaru and we will have one of our expert certified Subaru technicians remove your old contaminated coolant fluid and replace it with new genuine Subaru approved coolant fluid.

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