How to prep your Subaru in different climates.

We can’t control Mother Nature, but we can control how prepared your Subaru is for her. Since driving conditions will vary throughout the year based on the region you live in, and the seasonal changes associated with it, we’ve categorized three general types of climates – warm, moderate and cold – and list the ways in which you can prepare your Subaru for each.

Warm Climate Preparation

Warmer climates usually produce mild to considerably warm temperatures all year long with rainfall occurring more often in the winter season. Areas near mountains, deserts and the coast can bring about different weather patterns and temperatures, but generally here are some common check-ups recommended from season to season if you live in a warm climate:

  • Inspect the tires – pressure, tread depth and condition
  • Consider summer tires over all-season tires
  • Test the battery
  • Review the A/C system
  • Check the oil level
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Check the wipers and exterior lights
  • Check the brake pads and components
  • Inspect the engine air and cabin air filters

Prepping for Summer

Moderate Climate Preparation

Moderate climates tend to have a mix between warm and cold climate zones with light snowfall in the winter and mild to warm summers with occasional rainfall. Some common seasonal vehicle preparations for a moderate climate are as follows:

  • Inspect the tires – pressure, tread depth and condition
  • Consider all-season tires
  • Check the oil level
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Inspect the heating, cooling and defroster system
  • Test the battery
  • Check the wipers and exterior lights
  • Check the components of the suspension system
  • Check the wheel alignment
  • Check the brake pads and components

Brilliance Subaru knows that Mother Nature has a tendency to add some wear and tear to our vehicles, especially when experiencing all four seasons like we do here in Illinois. For this reason, we always like to help our customers stay in the know and provide some helpful information regarding how to properly prepare your Subaru for any upcoming weather during the spring, summer, winter or fall.

Of course, winter preparation is usually the most important considering driving conditions are so unpredictable and ever-changing. We always suggest replacing windshield wipers in order to allow for the best visibility possible, changing and or replenishing fluids under your hood, testing your batter and your brakes, rotating your tires/swapping them out for winter tires and better traction control and handling, and making sure your engine's oil is fresh and ready to ride out the winter with you.

Although the spring, summer and fall tend to be milder here in Illinois, that doesn't mean taking the necessary precautions during those months isn't just as important. Staying conscious of the state of your tires, especially during the muddy spring season helps you avoid any tricky and undesirable situations and also helps you stay in control when you're traveling to and from every destination. Your brakes and brake pads are something that should always be in top-notch condition all year, so that's always a suggestion we make with extreme enthusiasm here.

As spring fades into summer ensuring that your air conditioning system, cabin filter, and engine coolant are in good condition is also important. No one wants to deal with an overheating vehicle, especially on a sticky summer day. As we stated above, brakes, brake pads, wipers, fluid levels and your oil should always be a priority as well because this allows you to drive safely with a lesser chance of running into an interruption or more damage to your vehicle during your travels.

We know you might not always remember to do all of this on your own, you're busy after all. Our onsite service and repair center is here to take over. We'll make sure we set up routine maintenance and service appointments for you at the start of every season so your vehicle is totally prepared to face anything that comes its way. You can make an appointment today by calling (888) 698-8212 or stopping by our dealership.

Stay one step ahead of Mother Nature and drive confidently during any season with these helpful tips and the expertise of our service center here at Brilliance Subaru. Don't hesitate to reach out whenever you're ready to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.

Prepping for Spring

Prepping for Fall

Cold Climate Preparation

Colder climates usually dip below freezing when winter arrives and receive light to heavy snowfall for extended periods of time. The summer season brings similar conditions to that of warmer and moderate climates with a fair share of rainfall. Review the warmer climate section when summer arrives for suggested check-ups. As for winter, if you live in or spend a good amount of time in a colder climate, here are some common things to prepare your Subaru during the winter season:

  • Consider purchasing/switching to winter tires
  • Adjust tire pressure (cold temperatures decrease tire pressure)
  • Check tire tread depth
  • Check the oil level
  • Check all fluid levels
  • Make sure windshield washer fluid is suitable for freezing temps
  • Check the condition of wiper blades and exterior lights
  • Consider winter wiper blades
  • Test the battery
  • Check the brake pads and components
  • Check the heating and defroster systems

Prepping for Winter

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