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Your Subaru deserves the best care and best replacements and repairs, always. Your team at Brilliance Subaru is here to make sure that happens by providing our Subaru drivers with only genuine OEM parts and accessories to keep your car running and performing like new. Not only do we provide excellent customer service, but also the highest quality replacement parts you can't get anywhere else.

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When weather hits, whether it be rain or snow, it's a bad time to realize your windshield wipers are old and not quite working as well as  you would hope. Not only that, but becoming visually impaired through your front window makes you become a hazard on the road and to those around you. Before winter comes, be sure to come in and see our Brilliance Subaru team for windshield wiper check and/or replacement.

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Signs you need new windshield wipers:

  • Issues with rubber - is your wiper smooth in one piece? Or are there noticeable cracks  and splits pieces on it? Any imperfections on the blade can lead to streaks on the window, impairing your view
  • Windshield streaks - it is obvious when your wipers leave streaks on your window. Whether it be from simply trying to clean them, or when trying to keep them clear during a storm
  • Chattering noises - everyone knows the noise wipers make when they drag across the glass, creating a bumping/chattering noise on the window
  • Bent frames - sometimes the metal frame of your blades becomes bent from overuse. When the frame is bent, it does not make sufficient contact with the window when you need it most 
A good rule of thumb is to check in on your windshield wipers for their condition at the start of every season. Out of safety, this ensures no matter what the Chicago weather throws at you, you will be ready.

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Our factory trained and certified team at Brilliance Subaru is happy to install our genuine wipers during your visit. When this happens, the wipers also come with a warranty in case anything goes wrong while you're out on the road. Brilliance Subaru is happy to be the only eco-friendly Subaru dealer in Chicago, servicing those in Elgin, St. Charles, Bartlett and Schaumburg, IL.

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