Subaru Manual Transmission

Subaru Manual Transmission Service

Your transmission does a great deal of work in keeping your car driving. It helps to transfer the power from the engine to the rest of the car and helps to keep your car responsive to how much power you give it. That being said, a manual transmission, though similar in form to an automatic transmission, may need a bit more attention.

There are tons of important parts of your manual transmission. Much like an automatic transmission, your manual transmission needs attention to help make sure that it is going to respond to you pressing the gas and brake pedal as needed. Your manual transmission may need a fluid change, need to have the gearbox serviced, or may just need to have a thorough cleaning.

Why Should I have a Subaru Manual Transmission Service?

The most common thing that a manual transmission needs is to have the transmission fluid changed out regularly. Since you are in control of a manual transmission, it is going to have far more wear and tear than an automatic transmission that shifts on its own. A manual transmission service is a complete check of the manual transmission and replacement of fluids and parts as needed. 

Your manual transmission is the only thing keeping your stick shift car going. Without it, your car is not going to be able to respond to your pushing the gas pedal, brake pedal, or to any shifts that you are trying to make. Much like an automatic transmission, you are going to need to have things like a transmission fluid change on a regular schedule so that the transmission keeps doing its job. This is a service, that when done on the right interval, is not all that difficult and that can be done by a trained team.

What happens if I Delay a Subaru Manual Transmission Service?

Delaying this type of service is most likely going to result in your car not running. If your transmission seizes up your car is not going to run, if your gears go out you may not be able to shift to accelerate or stop, and your transmission can easily be torn up if you are not servicing it properly. It is important to take the time to have your transmission serviced as needed.
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