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Signs Your Tires Need to be Rotated:

  • Uneven tread wear - while driving, the outside of your tires wear faster than the inside and the side that gets turned on the most wears even faster. When you take a look at your tires and see a noticeable difference in wear, it's time to bring them in for a rotation
  • It's been over 6,000 miles since you last had them rotated - rotation schedules may vary based on driving and road conditions, however most tires should be rotated between every 6,000 to 8,000 miles
  • Vibrations - when you exceed 45 mph and your vehicle starts to vibrate, this is an indicator that there may be uneven tread wear. Keeping your tires properly rotated can be the difference in thousands of miles of life
Subaru Tire Rotation Service; Subaru Service Elgin IL

Common services like oil changes, filter replacement and tire rotations are often put on the back burner for things to take care of at a later date, even when the dashboard light has been on for a month. Tire rotation needs are easy to be overlooked, but can also lead to more costly repairs later on if not taken care of.

Let our team of certified technicians at Brilliance Subaru take care of the heavy work for you. When we take a look at the health of your tires before servicing and rotating them, we are able to get an in-depth look at how they are wearing and provide appropriate recommendations to ensure your safety out on the road.
There are plenty of signs that overlap with other causes. That being said, it only becomes more imperative to bring in your vehicle to see our professionals whenever you experience any of the above signs to prevent other costly repairs from occurring.

Our factory-trained and certified team at Brilliance Subaru is here to ensure that your tires not only get rotated properly, but to also inspect their overall health to help you get the most out of your miles. 

Next time you find your vehicle in need of a tire rotation, let our expert team at our Brilliance Subaru Service Center do the work for you. We are happy to service drivers in the Elgin, St. Charles, Bartlett and Schaumburg, IL area.

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